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Pearl (Moti) is an organic gemstone produced by either a Mollusc or an Oyster, in response to an irritant. Pearl is considered to be the Queen of gemstones. According to Vedic Astrology, it is the gemstone of the planet Moon. It is the gemstone of the month of June. As the moon governs mind and emotions, wearing it brings calmness of mind, controls anger, is helpful in insomnia, depression and improves self-confidence.


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Pearl (Moti) 9.02 Ct Certified Pearl (Moti) 9.02 Ct Certified
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This beautiful stone is Pearl (Moti) 9.02 CtWeighing: 9.02 Carats Measurement: 10.84 x 10.69 x 0100% Certified Gemstones. Free Shipping. Free Astrological consultations..
Rs.2,520.00 Rs.3,608.00
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