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General Terms And Conditions



Only those individuals who can enter into legally binding contracts with Garg Jewellers are eligible to buy merchandise form Garg Jewellers. Our merchandise is not available for purchase to minors

Taxes & Fees

Any individual who makes a purchase from Garg Jewellers  agrees to pay all shipping fees associated with the transportation of merchandise including all applicable taxes and customs charges that are incurred for international shipments.


You agree to release Garg Jewellers (including all our employees and subsidiaries) from claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with customer dissatisfaction of service or merchandise,

You agree that you will not reproduce, copy, modify, alter, create any derivative works, or publicly display any content from our website without the prior expressed written permission of Garg Jewellers.


Please note that the prices mentioned, and the availability of products and services are subject to change without prior notice. We take care to correct any errors that we discover. Garg Jewellers reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions.

Shipping, Insurance, and Liability


Please note that we only deliver to street addresses. We do not accept PO Boxes as a delivery address.

Any merchandise shipped to an international destination (International shipments) may attract additional charges in the form of customs fees, import duties, taxes, and possibly other charges. The recipient is responsible for and has to bear any such charges.


Payment Methods

You can also pay using bank wire transfers or personal checks. If you are using one of these methods, please contact us to help you process these types of payment.

Full payment is mandatory for the fulfillment of orders.

Additional Verification For Orders

As a precaution and to protect our customers and our business, we require some additional verification for all international orders. For all international orders we will require the customer to send us a short video clip and/or a copy of your photo ID card, we will also need a copy of your credit card that is used for payment. Please note that we do not share or distribute this information to any other parties.

9. Third-Party Lab Reports

If your merchandise comes with a third party laboratory certificate ( all our gemstones are laboratory certified), then we will send you the lab certificate only after the expiry of return period as these third party lab reports are non-replaceable.

10 .Do we sell 2nd hand (previously owned) jewelry?

Please note that we do not sell 2nd hand merchandise.

8. Our Media Imaging Guarantee.

At Garg Jewellers, we understand you are apprehensive about the images that are depicted for the products, we would like to assure you we take great care to make sure the images are as close to the actual product and our images maintain true colors and clarity and are not enhanced to an extent, where they look significantly different than the original image.

In this regard, it is important to note that because of different display settings used in different devices to show images. The same image would look different in different settings and devices. As you might be aware that there are no uniform standards for display across all the devices ( for e.g the image displays differently on a PC or laptop vs a mobile phone). Please keep this limitation in mind when viewing and the item or our website

Repairs / Damage / Normal Wear:

When an article is worn on a daily basis, you will notice wear and tear and occasionally some serious damage due to impact, which is common with article worn on the hand, such as rings and bracelet, hence, Our warranty on manufacturing defect excludes any damage due to wear and tear and also loss of gems.

Here is some example of damage due to wear and tear:

Discoloration of gold, silver, or other metals when they are exposed to chemicals, (e.g, sanitizers, Cleaning liquids, hot tubs used for bathing, liquids with either high or low PH levels, some harsh cosmetics)

In mounted jewelry, the prongs used to hold gemstones may wear down over time any may need reworking and restorations. Prongs are also prone to bending and breaking when they get caught in clothing and may lead to the gemstone falling out.

Gemstones in settings can also be lost due to trauma or impact.

We would like to request our clients to bring their jewelry to us, periodically so that we may inspect it for signs of wear and tear and suggest remedial measures. In case the jewelry requires any type of repair, we will give you a price estimation before the repair work is initiated.

7. Our Warranty & Guarantee

Garg Jewellers provides our customers with a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all the jewelry.

Our lifetime warranty does not cover any repairs or any alterations that have been done by a 3rd party ( if you or another jeweler) , any repair or alteration done by a 3rd party will void our warranty

Here are some examples of Manufacturing Defects:

Porosity in precious metal

Hallmarking stamp (alloy is not within BIS / FTC guidelines)

Laser welding joints incomplete

We will do a free of cost repair or replacement for any manufacturing defects. Whether to repair or to replace is our sole discretion.

3. What are your "Setting Options" and how do they work?

We offer various “Setting Options” for the gemstone you choose. You can choose from the designs for ring, pendant or bajuband for your own custom setting. You can also choose the metal of your choice, thus creating your own customized jewelry article. But if you do not find a setting option of your choice, or you have any particular design, we will be more than happy to bring your own design to life and re-create it. For such special setting designs please call us on +91 8686544040 and we will create your very own unique design


You are most welcome to visit our store, as a matter of fact, we strongly encourage a personal store visit, however, you must make an appointment before visiting the store. You are requested to visit the Security and Fraud section to learn more about the guidelines you need to follow to visit our store.

How to Return an Item?

Please contact us, in case you wish to return an item that you have purchased from us. You will be issued an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) for your return. Any item sends to us without an RMA number will be refused and returned back to you. Once you contact us for a return, we will issue you, instructions on how to process your return. Please note that the item to be returned MUST be in the same condition as they were when you received it. We do not accept damaged items. Please read and review our “Return Policy” before returning the item to us.

To deter any potential theft during transit,  you are requested, not to write anything on the package/parcel that may disclose the nature of the content ( for e.g, do not write words like jewelry, gemstones, etc). If the customs or shipping company insists on writing the nature of the item, we recommend writing words like, "Antique Sample" or "Rock Crystal Sample".

Send returns to:


Garg Jewellers
2459/10, Gupta Chamber,
Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi-110005,

Return Policy

Please note that we reserve the right to change or modify our return policy at any time without prior notice, you are requested to read the “Return Policy”. The latest return policy will be applicable at the time of initiating any return. If the item is damaged in any way the return policy will stand void. You are fully responsible for care and upkeep to maintain the value of any item on your possession.

You may please contact us at +91 8686544040 or email us at for any query or questions that you may have

Loose gemstones or unmounted articles will not be accepted back or refunded if they have been, scratched, chipped, fractured, weigh differently, undergone a change in dimensions, or have been altered/modified or damaged in any way.  An item that has been custom designed as per the client's specific requirement will not be accepted for return. Any fee charged as “Rush Fee” for urgent custom made item will be non-refundable.


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