Emerald is a green-coloured, most precious gemstone of the Beryl mineral family. It is one of the highly reputed gemstones in Vedic astrology. Emeralds are known for their deep green colour and natural inclusions that make each one separate.

Being the ideal gemstone of Mercury, the emerald increases reasoning power as well as the presence of mind and is considered to be vital for people in communication. Not only that, prosperity, spiritual power and good luck also follows the wearer. 

Besides, having its good effects on communication and the skills associated with it, this gemstone can cure diseases like asthma, rheumatism, stammering, cough, insomnia, nerve pain etc. It is considered to be the materialistic stone that encourages, friendship and unity, courage, love, harmony, tranquillity, intuition, joy, justice, cleansing, clarity, serenity, etc. 

If you come up with any tough problem that happens at any stage of life, this may birthstone has the capability to provide you with a sparkling solution and helps professionals overcome the blocks that are often found in the path of their improvement. It exuberates a powerful psychic insight along with prophesying and abundance. Since it provides abundance and creativity, professionals will find it very beneficial and can add it to their stride.

Who are eligible for wearing the Emerald gemstone?

This powerful gemstone emerald is considered to be highly suitable for

Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, counsellors and other people related to medicine,




Property dealers



For people born in the month of May, this gemstone brings about wisdom, growth and patience. The people born in this month will be able to increase their brainpower as well as intelligence and can cure fickle-mindedness, stammering, loss of memory, fear of spirits and ghouls and can cool the harsh speech. Yet, emerald is not recommended for newlywed couples.

The colour green as well as the sparkle, depth, beauty as well as majestic look that this natural gemstone delivers can only surpass by this beautiful gemstone itself. The colour green is the favourite colour of Mercury and this gemstone is considered to be the favourite of the god. Since the colour is the favourite of Mercury thus, emerald helps to negate the negative effects of the same. Here we will get to know how this loose gemstone helps to enhance communicative skill as well as its positive effects.

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